The subject matter here has certainly been done before.

I understand upselling, I really do. But it must be done carefully, lovingly – Amazon is even a little ham-fisted with it’s recommendations of other stuff to buy, but at least that has the benefit of generally having some kind of logic as to what it is suggesting. If you come in asking for a collector’s edition of Japanese Tentacle Hero VII: Southwind’s December, an RPG for the GameCube, it doesn’t direct you to Halo and go “dood this is AWEEESSSOMMME.”

The people at most GameStops though, take that to an entirely new level. I’m pre-ordering a title – clearly I have some sense of what is coming out that I might be interested in. You don’t need to tell me of every other thing coming within the next 6 weeks – even if it only costs 5 dollars down to put my name on a copy. Chances are, if I wanted to, I would be ASKING FOR THAT TITLE.

This rant will be amended later, but for now, let me just say how pleased I am by how the 4th frame in this turned out. The camera angle, the fire effect, the whole comedic silence thing – it just works for me.

[do you need any babelfish translations with this webcomic?]