Ahhhh, launch week for a new Halo game.

I have only played through the first one, and only did that on the PC. But I read a lot, and you can’t be sentient and marginally interested in video games in this country without being completely overwhelmed with Halo 3 marketing, opinion, or just plain “Dear God, they made 170 million dollars in a day” news.

I’m familiar with the story up to the third game, thanks to an obsessive post linked by Gabe at PA.

I generally agree with Gabe, it’s a cool story, but the game (at least the first one) does a horrid job of telling it. Nonetheless, having caught up, I know there are more sections of Halo 2 that involve fighting back hordes of Flood.

No thank you.

The Flood portion of Halo 1 completely ruined an experience I was willing to rate much better than I expected. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m not actually aware if Halo 3 has a Flood level, as I don’t have a 360. The stench of this kind of time-sink annoyance reaches out from the first game, wraith like, and makes me suspicious of each further entrant in the series.

The marketing effort for this game is unprecedented, and it’s already had the biggest launch of any entertainment product, well, ever. Kudos, Bungie and Microsoft, without sarcasm. It seems like a nice game, and I’m glad for your success, I simply cannot afford to play it at the moment, so I’m taking a quick potshot at the ads that are coating my entire world this week. Much like a certain parasite did a certain level of Halo 1. Just saying.

[stupid flood]