First off, if you don’t know who Ron Popeil is, Wiki Thyself.

Now that you’re up to speed on Ronco, today I’d like to present a comic about vengeful, murderous French chefs/entrepreneurs. Yep. Once again, they said it couldn’t be done.

It may interest Choking Hazard trivia nuts to note that Chef #2, or “Meek Chef” as we called him on the set, also played “Eclair Chef” in CH#6. He was a lot shinier and more time consuming to render back then.

The origin of this strip is an interesting one – I had a sort of daydream/hallucination about a pointed argument taking place in the kitchen, and in giving up on civil discussion, I said to one of the participants, “Bring me the murder scoop.”

This was such a hilarious phrase to me that I knew it was destined to become a comic punchline. I didn’t know what a joy it would be to spend the next day brainstorming on it with Christie – fleshing out the backstory, choosing the exact right real-world utensil to set the joke up – we landed on garlic press, I think partially out of gruesomeness, but melon baller, cheese grater, and my favorite, fish fork, were all contenders.

This is the first comic that I have to share the credit on, and I can’t say how good that feels.

But wait! There’s more!

…no there’s not.

[now how much would you pay?]