The hard drive's gone rogue! Quick, invert its polarity!

This was another of those “I haven’t made a comic in a while” comics. For reasons I’m not clear on, it features a cartoonification of my friend John, expressing opinions he may not actually hold. Hi John!

It came about partially due to this segment of a recent Penny-Arcade news posting:

My cognitive apparatus is designed to digest language quickly, and so when I stumble into some mutated corporate phraseology it’s like eating a meal which suddenly transforms into to washers, bolts, and strands of oily bike-chain. I have to disassemble my entire prefrontal cortex and put it back together.

It is put using such wonderful words there that I feel no need to embellish them, but I have the exact same reaction many times – especially with computer discussions in movies. I’ll be wrapped up in a scene and in the middle of a bit of dialog it’s like they will just monkey walrus bending peephole.

See what I did there?

Anyway, it’s always been a pet peeve of mine because it’s simply not that hard. Any Sci-Fi nerd would love to spend one day on a set cleaning up all the techno mumbo jumbo just to say they got to see the greenscreen rig.

It hurts my brain. And my brain created this in retaliation on the drive home last week. Enjoy.