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clear lids and peep hatred

Saturday, January 8th, 2005

But first, about the last song. I was teaching myself some tricks with the Malström in Reason, and it was the result. I realized after the fact that I unconsciously patterned it heavily after “a walk in the cold,” though there are some definite differences. This is most notable to me as the creator, because one was inspired by a sense of impending doom, and the other a sense of blossoming hope. “Reach out and touch someone” is essentially me learning the ins and outs of a device, making one riff, then tweaking it so it sounds all computery (normal part starts about 1:00 in, turns computery around 1:33,) and then building a song around it. I guess I am fairly predictable, and there’s a downside to playing by ear, as the unintentional similarities attest to.

Now, the new song, which I’m much more excited about.

I think this is my second favorite thing I’ve ever done. The number one thing is as-yet unreleased. Maybe someday it’ll get finished.

This one is for every sunrise I watched from the roof of a parking deck. I think that may be the best way to enjoy it.

I owe a great debt of gratitude on this one to Leslie, who instructed me to watch a movie tonight called Serendipity. It’s a fantastic movie, if on the contrived side, and seems tailor made for sentimental lame-os like me.

Plus, dude, Jeremy Piven.

I will probably release a better-mixed version of this song some time in the future, as I am still mulling over whether to re-master all the songs I am putting on the 2 CDs. While I’m fine with the quality on these MP3s I’m shoveling to you people, when I finally put something on a CD, I want to spit-shine every digital bit. There are a couple parts in this that I think will flare into audio clipping on the average setup, and that sucks.

[and christmas ham too]

sweet zombie jesus it’s late

Thursday, January 6th, 2005

I will say more about this song later, but right now I’ll merely acknowledge the tons of similarities between this and “a walk in the cold” and happily say the inspirational circumstances are quite different.

I reaaaally gotta go to sleep.

[bleep bleep bloop]

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