a room of one’s own, week twelve

A new TRB song is available.

trb - week12

And with this, the experiment pretty much ends. I have artwork on the way, and I have to decide on the order of tracks and such, but the week to week grind is done – 10 tracks in 12 weeks. This will be the final track on the album, whereas the others might get rearranged for optimum in-sequence enjoyment.

This is called “One Last Dance.”  It has a fake glockenspiel and fake acoustic guitars. If I may once again borrow a sentiment:

“Our music is sampled, totally fake
it’s done by machines, coz they don’t make mistakes”

–KMFDM, Sucks

No doubt about it, I suck too. It’s been fun, folks – watch this space for the downloads and such in the future, as well as a self-flagellating post-mortem on this whole experiment.

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