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sundown on sunset drive is now available

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

A collection of material from 2003-2004 is now available. It is called Sundown on Sunset Dr. The full page for this album, with downloads, is available here.

All of the songs on this album have been available via the blog and this site for a while now – so this is nothing particularly new, though for this album they have all been tweaked and remastered.

If Twilight is a collection of B-sides, this is the album they belong to. The songs for both of these albums were created when I was living in Athens, GA, and the title of this album is a reference to the fact that I lived off Sunset Drive. The title track was the last song I made before packing up all my equipment to move away. It was a sunset to a long and formative period of my life and a period in which my music made huge leaps in quality. I started taking it more seriously, and learning more than fiddling around, and it paid off. It is also the period in which I posted it on this web site for the first time.

I had promised this album as a companion to Twilight before the end of the year, and I just barely made it. December 31st. UPDATE: I now realize that I never published this entry, so here is it Feb 10th, and unless you follow me on twitter, you’d have no idea that this got done under the wire. Alas. 

For those keeping score, the total number of albums jumped by 3 this year. There are two more albums coming in the first half of 2009: a collection of hilariously bad old stuff, from 1995-2000, and a collection of songs that I’m genuinely somewhat happy with, from 2005-2007. If I’m lucky, I’ll get to some new material and some remixes as well, but I’ve become pretty focused on getting the back catalog wrangled, so I can really move on to new things and not dejectedly poke at past work.

Anyway, this one’s got some decent ones on it. As the licensing page states, you’re pretty much free to do whatever you want with it, as long as you aren’t making money off it. 


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