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too little too late is now available

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

A collection of material from 2005-2006 is now available. It is called “too little too late.” The full page for this album, with downloads, is available here. It’s also available for streaming or download at Jamendo, with all the other albums, here. I’ll be making a giant “Download Now” button to retroactively add to these pages, so I’m not burying the lede quite so much.

Most of the songs on this album have been available via the blog and this site for a while now, though there is one super-duper-secret, previously-unreleased bonus track, hiding away at track 11. This secret track business used to be much easier to do on CDs, and I refuse to do the “2 minutes of silence at the end of the last track, then the secret track” route, as it annoys the crap out of me. So, it won’t be a surprise, but there’s an extra track called “Train” that I have never put up anywhere before. The rest of the tracks have been painstakingly edited, tweaked, and remastered for this release, and I’m really happy with the result.

This is the first album where I am actually pretty happy with it all the way through, and had reached a basic competency with the tools I use, and I think it sets a new bar of quality and complexity as compared to the others. As a result, I will be using it to branch beyond my site and Jamendo, as my entrance onto some additional sites like Magnatune and TheSixtyOne. I’m also going to enter all 4 albums into the podsafe music network.

I’ve spent a couple days trying to figure out what to say about this album musically and thematically, and I keep getting into long diatribes or cryptic two-line blow-offs. Suffice to say the emotions behind it, the art, the title, everything is complicated and multi-layered, and not likely to be of huge interest to anyone that isn’t me.

There’s one more album in the works: a back catalog collection slated for before July 2009. Sadly, this will be the oldest and most terrible of the ole catalog, and one I’m unlikely to put up anywhere aside from this site, for completion’s sake. We have twilight and sundown covering 2002-2004, too little too late covering 2005-2006, and the outlier of a room of one’s own, contained in 2008. The remaining release is the “everything before”, covering stuff from 1995-2000, and I’m mainly committed to finishing it because I designed album art for it over ten years ago.

As the licensing page states, you’re pretty much free to do whatever you want with it, as long as you aren’t making money off it.


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