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Remix: MC Frontalot’s Braggadocio

Monday, August 24th, 2009

So, I have been accruing materials to do some remixes for several years now, and I always end up backburnering them in favor of other projects. I finally finished one a couple weeks ago, and here it is. It’s a chilled out take on MC Frontalot’s “Braggadocio.”

I’m putting it up in advance of seeing Front at PAX 09 in a few weeks. I tried to submit it via his site a couple times, and ran into some PHP bugs.¬†Given that the last one posted to his Open Source Beats project page was the end of 2008, I’m not optimistic that it’ll happen any time soon, even when I got it to go through. So, I’ll put it up here and keep trying to get it listed on the official site.

It’s nothing special, but hopefully will get me on the road to finishing up a couple of the other remixes I have in the pipe – some from video games, an Imogen Heap song, and more.

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