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For those of you with interest as to the construction of these “songs,” please visit the annotated version of this page.

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trb audiosamples –

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in vaguely reverse chronological order:

[the age of reason]

[full songs]

jack’s song

hope on the wind

goodnight, maria

deus ex machina


in memory of things left unfinished

fight song

dungeon of my mind

the hopeless romantic

sundown on sunset dr

flyover: the city of industry

a walk in the cold

four more years

daydreaming of valhalla

into harm’s way

strictly a club record

picnic on mars

4 notes of hope

TRON cycle, pt 1- Requiem for Clu

missing you (quick and dirty version)

thunder and lightning


[demos (incomplete but functional songs ~2min in length)]

aerial onslaught

hex to RGB


mist chamber

reach out and touch someone

to hell with you

diversionary jam session

cosmic string theory

that day in winter

someone’s at the door

after these important messages

funeral procession

ghosts in the bayou

her reactor’s gone critical

contemplation of murder

the boundless joy of discovery

the machines do all the work

[the ejay cheese series]


it’s raining where she is

texas tornado

geiger counter

Evolution of Sunrise

Tears of the Unavenged – exstatic (extended static v2)

Tears of the Unavenged – original mix

the steinberg experiment


[abandoned works in progress]

Marshall the Fleet

Rally the Troops (One Man Left)

Decaying Orbit

Countdown to Happiness [pending]

Serpent’s March

All the President’s Men

From Clockwork To Shit (working title)

Shitty Congo Record (working title)

Atmospheric Bullshit (working title)

A Plague on the Miserly (working title)

Hurricane Analog (working title)

Total tweety rap rip off (working title)

Beyond (working title)

Where’s *? [Dunno] (working title)

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