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A new TRB song is available.

the rage box - strictly a club record

The title’s a mixture of a pun and a Wyclef Jean reference. This song is just a technical demo that grew into a song. I know I say that all the time, but in this one it’s really noticible because beyond the 2 semi-neat effects, it’s really, really boring. This isn’t one of my better bits, but its got some complicated-ass vocoder effects, and the neat-o screechy/searing sound on the “cello” towards the end. This is a basic test – testing the sturdyness of a club by whacking it on something. Nothing more. There’s where the pun comes in.

I’m trying to complete the tons of half-completed bits I have lying around my hard drive on trb, and so you can expect a rash of not so great but at least released tracks in the semi-near future. This song has been around since like November, and I’ve finally given up on livening it up and have just put the thing out so I can move on.

[15 separate automated mixer controls you can’t hear]

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