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A new TRB song is available.

the rage box - sundown on sunset dr

I debated whether to post this one or not, as it will be the titular song for the second of two forthcoming TRB Cds, and I am trying to include a couple things on each that are not available for download. This is mainly because the 2-3 people who might be in any way interested in TRB cds are also the only people who download the songs, so buying them in CD-format is a waste of their time unless there’s some kind of value added bonus with optional pinball game.

I think I’ve settled on the second of the 2 options for that cd art, which looks vaguely like this hea:

Though, obviously, it will be much larger. Both the album pic and song link above may be down Thursday 12/16 and/or Friday 12/17, as I will be moving the server machine that they reside on.

Oh. Before I forget, here’s how the TRB CDs are gonna work. The first one, as it has been planned for ages, is gonna be a bunch of old stuff, stuff I don’t consider good enough for a real album but want remembered because it was the stuff I produced while learning how to do stuff. That will be the blue covered album, As the storm quietly brews. It’s going to have a system boot up track, 2 unheard bookend tracks, and maybe one or two other bonuses, as well as a bunch of old stuff like Tears of the Unavenged making up the meat of the disc. The second CD, which will be available at the same time, will be the aforementioned Sundown on Sunset Dr, which will essentially be a collection of the 2 minute demos I’ve been cranking out this year, with one or two bonus full-length tracks to make it a worthwhile CD. The song linked above will be the last possible thing on that CD, as the conceptual time cut-off for that disc is when I move The Rage Box (my computer, for the uninitiated – yes, I give the machine doing all the work credit as the “band”) from its perch near Sunset Drive, which is happening tomorrow. So, this is the last Sunset Drive track. It may also be the last TRB track for a while.

I know, I know, just when you all had lost enough of your hearing to enjoy them.

[attempt to defray the negative]

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