a room of one’s own, week four

A new TRB song is available.

trb - week 4

Week three was a bye. For personal scheduling reasons and creative difficulties that were exacerbated by them, I had to burn one of my off weeks. Here I am, a month into this thing, and I haven’t even finished the informative How this Came to Be page. That should tell me something.

In any event, this is the track for week four.

Composition wise, I think I am mostly happy with this one, and it is easily the best of the bunch thus far. The title will be “What have I done?”

I am out of time to do a proper mixing job, so there are about 3 really bad clipping zones that will simply sound bad on certain audio rigs. This will likely be corrected by the end of the experiment.

Now, I have to sleep.

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