a room of one’s own, week six

A new TRB song is available.

trb - week 6 inc

This one is actually flat-out incomplete. If you ever wanted to see a larval stage TRB song, here you go – it’s got some of the main loops arranged, some other sounds designed, and an end point mapped out, but it utterly lacks cohesion.

This is kinda what I get for starting something on a Tuesday afternoon when the deadline’s supposed to be midnight Wednesday.

Anyway, in keeping with the rules, I am publishing it incomplete in the hopes that my self-shaming will get me to do some work on week 7’s piece over the weekend. I will be taking the time to polish this up into a completed track as it becomes possible to do so. This should have been up last night for the deadline, but I had an mp3 export issue. Nothing has been added to this content-wise in the interim, much as I wish I’d been able to.

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