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the rage box - daydreaming of valhalla

This one got away from me a bit. It was supposed to be a fairly uplifting track, designed to cheer someone up, since I was unable to do much of anything with my sympathetic energies, and the particulars of this situation hit home with me.

Unfortunately, it hit home a bit too well, and so this became a somewhat melancholy track. And it took on a kind of different structure than I’d originally intended. I made this string patch that doesn’t fit the song too well, but I decided to use it anyway. This also ruins the kind of clean sound the track had until then.

Speaking of – lately, due to Leslie and Jannica (hope thats your actual name)’s influences, I’ve been listening to some old Depeche Mode that had been deemed verboten, and have begun a love affair with a band called Hybrid. Thank you both so much. It’s been a wonderful time to sit and think with music playing.

Both of these sources influenced this track, in that I tried for a very simple, very clean foundation (ala DM) and, well, the Hybrid stuff just really got me in the mood to make music. I’m still wrapping my head around Hybrid, but I have a feeling I will get some ideas from them. In any case, Hybrid are quite the awesome, and I can’t believe I shut myself off to DM. Gods among men.

This track is nowhere near as good as either group’s work, but I like to document influences. I like to document a whole lot of stuff, which you’ve probably realized by now. If not, you should see the pictures of the time I sorted computer screws. Yeah.

Strangely, this is the first track I’ve had a problem coming up with a satisfactory name for, and this comes on the heels of an IM discussion about my song titles. Huh. Alternate titles were: Praises that go Unspoken, Self Imagination, and the ultra-pretentious The Crushing Weight of Molehill Mountain. I even considered King Jeremy the Wicked, because it fits the emotions I associate with the song, but I just couldn’t do that. The first of these almost certainly would have been the final track name had the track stayed like I was intending, but like I said, it got away from me. I like to think about the road not traveled. Sue me.

This one goes out to anyone with family that make you feel worthless for being human. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been so crushed down in that regard that it’s little consolation if others around you see your goofs for what they are, and love you all the same. But, nonetheless, chances are there are people who do.

And chances are there are many many praises that could be said about you, that cause that love, and they go unspoken.


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