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A new TRB song is available.

the rage box - ghosts in the bayou

This is another ~ 2 min piece, but this one is kinda interesting to me. Creates a definite mood, involves a lot of really strange and disparate sound sources, and was quite fun to create.

It’s not often you get to abuse the hell out of a Harmonica in a sampler.

Part of this abuse brought to you by the number 442. All hail the random number selection of Kalidassa.
I must sleep now, but tomorrow there will be the write-up of the weekly events, including a very very special dinner.

This is the third song in as many weeks that I’ve cranked out in less than 4 hours. I’ve done that on kidnapped inspiration, using what I could stuff into pockets and carry back with me from trips out and visits with people. And Leslie, it is honeslty beyond me how someone could claim stifled creativity.

In summation, this track may not be anyone’s cup of tea, but it’s on my list of favorites. And either way, the juices are flowin’.

Hannibal is on the jazz.

[woah lord]

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