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the rage box - funeral procession

Often I tell people that whatever emotion I’m trying to work out of my system when I sit down to fiddle with music comes through in the music. Some seem sad, some seem angry- that’s pretty much why.

Right now, I pretty much just want to die. I’ve had a full-body death infection from the experimental pathogen laboratories of hades since Wednesday or so, and the drugs I got Friday suck balls. I’m basically only alive through the good over-the-counter graces of the Vicks corporation.

But, I couldn’t sleep, I wanted to have something to show for my misery, and it’d been a while since the ole blog got updated, so I tinkered with this. This is not an entirely new track, (well, it will be to 90% of you) but I added some neat stringy bits and finally overcame the roadblock I was having with it.

Now I think i’m going to take enough Nyquil to kill a team of horses and sleep until morning, when I begin Operation “Kill Local Doctor in cold blood without getting caught ever and also score good and applicable drugs to end terrible illness.”

The boys are still working on hiring a new guy to come up with the Operation names.

[please take me now]

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