a room of one’s own, week one

A new TRB song is available.

trb - week one

I’ll go into the concept behind A Room of One’s Own when it’s not quite so late, however there’s a beginning summary over at the blog. I still can’t seem to keep these things separate.

This track has been hacked to pieces from what it was early in the afternoon today – I loved it then. I’ve alternatively hated and loved it over the week it took to get it here, and the paltry 2:45 runtime is a sign of me wanting to put something up so I keep at this project fighting against me really wanting this album to have more polish than anything I’ve done before. The part of this song I really like is all after the 2 minute mark, and I cut 2 minutes down to about 30 seconds because some of the beat patterns just didn’t match up, and it was killing the good part. One nice thing about making relatively general rules for myself but making sure I stick to the important ones is that I can reserve the right to futz with this some more later before it becomes the final version, as long as I have time left on the calendar.

Anyway, the likely title for this one is “The Worm has Turned.” It’s not at all great, but since it had been almost a year since I’d really developed anything past a minute long demo, I figured I’d be rusty, and I was right. Life prevented me from doing a couple practice warmup tracks prior to beginning this epic project, which should mean Week Three will finally hit something approaching the last thing I made that I truly loved, which was Hope on the Wind.

So, week one is a massive disappointment to me right now, but it may turn out that tomorrow afternoon I like it again. The important part, though, is that I’m sticking to the regimen. Some recommendations to wash this one out of your ear canal, and to remind myself I don’t totally suck at this: Hope on the Wind, DaybreakThe Hopeless Romantic, and Diversionary Jam Session.

[the life was sucked out of it by forces entirely beyond my control]

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