a fast paced and confusing entry

A new TRB song is available.

the rage box - helicopter rescue gone awry

Well, sorta. A crappy “this is the even-more-unpolished crap you guys never hear” song I gave up on and decided to add an explosion sound effect to and release as a gag.

the rage box – helicopter rescue gone awry.mp3

I got back home from Roswell this afternoon and sat down to doodle with music – which I did for like 3 and a half hours, and all I got was this piece of crap and another song I’m even less happy with. Its only promising part is this loop, which I may just use in something else.

Sad use of time.

[it delivers what it promises]

the monkeys would rebel, see

A new TRB song is available.

the rage box - fight song

It’s got some funkay organ work. It’s pretty good, nothing I’m wetting myself over, but much better than its immediate predecessor.

Alternative titles that came to mind were “Against the wall,” “Against all odds,” and “Finn’s Monkey Rebellion Overture.” One of those is a lie.

This has been TRB trivia for the day.

[he makes them wear uniforms]

lunch break song

A new TRB song is available.

the rage box - mist chamber

I literally made this while eating lunch. I don’t typically eat lunch, but for once I was insanely hungry about 1pm.

While eating, this happened. It ain’t great, but wtf, it’s a lunch break song.

[normal human time is scary]

so desperately i sing to thee of love

A new TRB song is available.

the rage box - dungeon of my mind

It’s not as good as the last one, but it’s better than a bunch of the recent ones.

I needed to work off some, well, stuff.

[sure but also rage and hate and pain and fear of self part 2]

clear lids and peep hatred

A new TRB song is available.

the rage box - the hopeless romantic

But first, about the last song. I was teaching myself some tricks with the Malström in Reason, and it was the result. I realized after the fact that I unconsciously patterned it heavily after “a walk in the cold,” though there are some definite differences. This is most notable to me as the creator, because one was inspired by a sense of impending doom, and the other a sense of blossoming hope. “Reach out and touch someone” is essentially me learning the ins and outs of a device, making one riff, then tweaking it so it sounds all computery (normal part starts about 1:00 in, turns computery around 1:33,) and then building a song around it. I guess I am fairly predictable, and there’s a downside to playing by ear, as the unintentional similarities attest to.

Now, the new song, which I’m much more excited about.

I think this is my second favorite thing I’ve ever done. The number one thing is as-yet unreleased. Maybe someday it’ll get finished.

This one is for every sunrise I watched from the roof of a parking deck. I think that may be the best way to enjoy it.

I owe a great debt of gratitude on this one to Leslie, who instructed me to watch a movie tonight called Serendipity. It’s a fantastic movie, if on the contrived side, and seems tailor made for sentimental lame-os like me.

Plus, dude, Jeremy Piven.

I will probably release a better-mixed version of this song some time in the future, as I am still mulling over whether to re-master all the songs I am putting on the 2 CDs. While I’m fine with the quality on these MP3s I’m shoveling to you people, when I finally put something on a CD, I want to spit-shine every digital bit. There are a couple parts in this that I think will flare into audio clipping on the average setup, and that sucks.

[and christmas ham too]

sweet zombie jesus it’s late

A new TRB song is available.

the rage box - reach out and touch someone

I will say more about this song later, but right now I’ll merely acknowledge the tons of similarities between this and “a walk in the cold” and happily say the inspirational circumstances are quite different.

I reaaaally gotta go to sleep.

[bleep bleep bloop]

please let her be okay

A new TRB song is available.

the rage box - to hell with you

I needed to work off some negativity, and had the house to myself, so I decided to be loud. This is the result. It’s also got a nifty vocal overdub, which while perhaps the most cliche element in all of electronic music, I’m beginning to warm to.

This is not actually the first song I’ve done since moving the rage box to Atlanta – that honor belongs to one I’ve dubbed “Mussolini’s Underpants,” which is quite possibly the worst thing I’ve ever done. I may post it eventually, if only to prove it exists, as it was a song I made essentially just to make a song with that title.

[ring damn you ring]

accentuate the positive *

A new TRB song is available.

the rage box - sundown on sunset dr

I debated whether to post this one or not, as it will be the titular song for the second of two forthcoming TRB Cds, and I am trying to include a couple things on each that are not available for download. This is mainly because the 2-3 people who might be in any way interested in TRB cds are also the only people who download the songs, so buying them in CD-format is a waste of their time unless there’s some kind of value added bonus with optional pinball game.

I think I’ve settled on the second of the 2 options for that cd art, which looks vaguely like this hea:

Though, obviously, it will be much larger. Both the album pic and song link above may be down Thursday 12/16 and/or Friday 12/17, as I will be moving the server machine that they reside on.

Oh. Before I forget, here’s how the TRB CDs are gonna work. The first one, as it has been planned for ages, is gonna be a bunch of old stuff, stuff I don’t consider good enough for a real album but want remembered because it was the stuff I produced while learning how to do stuff. That will be the blue covered album, As the storm quietly brews. It’s going to have a system boot up track, 2 unheard bookend tracks, and maybe one or two other bonuses, as well as a bunch of old stuff like Tears of the Unavenged making up the meat of the disc. The second CD, which will be available at the same time, will be the aforementioned Sundown on Sunset Dr, which will essentially be a collection of the 2 minute demos I’ve been cranking out this year, with one or two bonus full-length tracks to make it a worthwhile CD. The song linked above will be the last possible thing on that CD, as the conceptual time cut-off for that disc is when I move The Rage Box (my computer, for the uninitiated – yes, I give the machine doing all the work credit as the “band”) from its perch near Sunset Drive, which is happening tomorrow. So, this is the last Sunset Drive track. It may also be the last TRB track for a while.

I know, I know, just when you all had lost enough of your hearing to enjoy them.

[attempt to defray the negative]

passing the time

A new TRB song is available.

the rage box - diversionary jam session

It may be hard to believe in the first 15 seconds or so, but this one actually turns kind of upbeat and groovay.

I’m quite happy with it in a weird way, despite the weird mishmash of styles. It also might get you in trouble in your car though, because part of the bass is way low and well produced, if I may pat myself on the back. It’s pure enough that you won’t want to turn it down, but low enough that your chassis will vibrate.

Give a listen, leave a note.

[meet so seldom, part so often]

cosmic string theory

A new TRB song is available.

the rage box - cosmic string theory

I gave up on this one partway through, because it’s so unmetric it makes looping anything reliably an impossible chore, and everything I tried to add to it sounded like atonal ass as a result. So, if it sounds unfinished, that’s why. It’s still 2:11 long, and really is just a single string riff I liked so much I kept globbing crap onto it. I got a new pack of string samples and wanted to give them a whirl. Still, it does something for me, but it may just be the mood I was in when making it, one of wistful thankfulness.


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